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best linux distribution for network engineers

Ubuntu was specifically designed for beginners in Linux or those transitioning from mac and Windows. Modern courses and learning activities in state-of-the-art technologies prepare you for your new career. An extensive video library forms the heart of the training process, supported by an automated Dashboard and Activity Tracking Log and a personal Career Advisor to help you achieve certifications and core competencies. Because Linux is a highly cost-effective and reliable solution for servers and networks, Linux Network Engineers work in some of the largest companies and for some of the most exciting and creative start-ups in the world. Linux Network Engineers and Administrators design, configure, and support networks and servers, define remote access protocols to ensure network security, and maintain high availability of network resources.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Rhel

If you are interested in joining the ranks of a professional cybersecurity firm and are partial to Linux operating systems, any of these distributions should be more than helpful in keeping you up to snuff. Unlike other Linux operating systems, ParrotSec combines features from Frozenbox and Kali Linux to create a new operating system. One benefit that Parrot Security OS has over Kali Linux is the anonymity tools. ParrotSec allows the user to completely hide their identities when surfing the Internet and therefore remain relatively undetectable when engaging in cybersecurity counterattacks against hack attempts. Like Kali Linux, Parrot Security is one of the Linux distributions recommended for students.

‘The Amnesiac Incognito Live System’ is probably the most well-known privacy oriented distribution in the world. The software will start the virtual machine when it is running in Live mode and won’t leave a mark on the computer in any way. Younger coders might prefer to learn to use the programming language for Minecraft Pi , a mini-version of the highly popular sandbox game. Raspberry Pi was conceptualized as a cheap computer to help make learning programming accessible to everyone. The Raspberry Pi OS puts that objective into action by bundling a desktop that’s tailored for coding. Fedora Workstation boldly claims it is “created for developers”. The distro is another community supported derivative of the commercial RHEL, that’s more bleeding edge than CentOS Stream.

What Is The Best Network Operating System In 2021?

You should consider Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, CentOS Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server when choosing an OS for your business. Small businesses with fewer than 75 users can benefit from Microsoft Small Business Server. Debian.OS X is the most elementary version.The use of everyday items.Kubuntu.I use Linux Mint for my computer.ubuntu.Xubuntu. Slackware is the Linux distribution based on Softlanding Linux System. Slackware has been a based system for many other Linux distributions, especially SUSE Linux distribution.

Administrators must consider whether the Linux distro supports the CPU architectures of existing hardware. The instruction set architecture describes the model in which best linux distribution for network engineers a machine’s CPU functions through the Linux software. Not every Linux distro supports every architecture, so make a note of incompatibilities when considering options.

The package is typically provided as compiled code, with installation and removal of packages handled by a package management system rather than a simple file archiver. Each package intended for such a PMS contains meta-information such as its description, version number, and its dependencies . The package management system evaluates this meta-information to allow package searches, perform automatic upgrades to newer versions, and to check that all dependencies of a package are present . All tools are integrated into one operating system and no need to install one by one. While Linux is only used by about 2.3% of all desktop computer users, it remains a viable option for specific tasks, including cybersecurity.

Which Linux Os Is Most Powerful?

Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Affordy, Purism, Pine64 and System76 all sell general-purpose Linux laptops. Custom-order PC manufacturers will also build Linux systems, but possibly with the Windows key on the keyboard. Fixstars Solutions sells Macintosh computers and PlayStation 3 consoles with Yellow Dog Linux installed. Virtual machines also make it possible for Linux to be run inside another OS. The VM software simulates a separate computer onto which the Linux system is installed. After installation, the virtual machine can be booted as if it were an independent computer.

best linux distribution for network engineers

The project aims to deliver a fuller out of the box experience and despite being a bleeding edge rolling release, is pretty stable thanks to its Gentoo underpinnings. The project is about to merge with Funtoo, which is led by the original creator of Gentoo Linux.

How To Adjust Session Timeout In Horde Webmail On A Plesk For Linux Server

Some of the notable features are web-based administration, easy system updates via Debian package management, volume management, IPv6 support, email notifications, file sharing, and many more. Debian is reliable and one of the most secure Linux operating systems. Debian is the base for various popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu, and SteamOS, etc.

best linux distribution for network engineers

Running 20.04 on a home server, two desktops, a couple of laptops. Running a 32bit Linux version on a netbook really put life back into it. Of course, all my Raspberry Pis all run Raspbian, or PI OS as it is now called . I’ve flirted with many distros over the last 20 years, but few have remained on the hard drive as daily drivers. I used Slackware and variants for many years, along with Conectiva and PCLinuxOS till quite recently – still one of the best distros for newcomers to Linux.


It’s a powerful and flexible operating system that’s tailored for desktops & laptops, servers, and even for IoT ecosystems. Fedora, just like CentOS, is based on Red Hat and is in fact, a testing environment for Red Hat before transitioning to the Enterprise phase. As such, it’s usually used for development and learning purposes and comes in handy for developers and students. This distro comes with boatloads of tools and packages to suit web and home servers alike. But the price you pay for such ‘up-to-dateness’ is Fedora Server versions changing every 13 months or so. If that’s okay with you, then you’ll get one of the best Linux distros with a fantastic feature set.

For this reason, it is often seen as being a general-purpose Linux distribution. The best part of OpenSUSE is Zypper package manager access and the YaST Control Center. This gives you a very detailed level of control of the OS, which is the kind of control that high-end users will gravitate towards. It’s open-source and was developed by the community to be a leading-edge solution, and to that end, it serves as a testing ground for all of the latest features that are being tried out for use with RHEL. The opportunity to take a look at interesting new features before they are fully implemented is a definite plus point. Nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies use Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL, and they gravitate towards it in part because you get 10 years of support thrown in, which is one of the most generous offerings you’ll find anywhere. It’s a whole decade’s worth of bug fixes, security patches, and kernel updates, and as if that weren’t enough it also supports kernel patching without the need for a system reboot.


RHEL Linux DistributionYou can readily set it up on physical servers, virtual environments such as VMware, HyperV, and also on the cloud. Red Hat has done a perfect job in containerization technology thanks to OpenShift PaaS , a hybrid cloud environment that is built around Docker containers and managed by Kubernetes. Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Mint 20 is available in 3 desktop editions – Cinnamon, XFCE and MATE editions. Mint has dropped support for 32-bit versions and is only available in 64-bit. Overall, Debian is used by millions of users owing to its package-rich repository and the stability it provides especially in production environments. The unstable distro is the active development phase of Debian.

  • Unlike Kali Linux, NodeZero is more of a source code style, making it more difficult to work with if you are not an established user of Linux software.
  • There are over 600 Linux distros and about 500 in active development.
  • EndeavourOS is a Linux distribution developed using Arch Linux as a base.
  • Debian is one of the oldest Linux distros and is built with stability in mind.

For instance, you get to play with lots of package management tools straight out of the gate, including Yum, DNF, Packagekit, RPM, and Yumex. Compared to most distros you’re getting your hands on a much greater pool of software.

Watch Do All Linux Distros Have The Secure File Video

With the tools available to Kali Linux’s suite and the original role of the developers, Kali Linux is a strong contender for cybersecurity professionals. However, it is only one of many Linux distributions available for the industry. Kali Linux is not only one of the top-rated distributions of Linux but also one of the more recommended for students. The original distribution of the Linux software was released on September 27th in 1991. Contemporarily, Linux can be found on computers, mobile devices, and smart devices like televisions. If you know anything about computers, you know that every single one needs an operating system.

Releases come regularly and predictably, so it’s ideal for web and home servers. The process of constantly switching between distributions is often referred to as “distro hopping”. Virtual machines such as VirtualBox and VMware Workstation virtualize hardware allowing users to test live media on a virtual machine. Some websites like DistroWatch offer lists of distributions, and link to screenshots of operating systems as a way to get a first impression of various distributions. Arch Linux, a rolling release distribution targeted at experienced Linux users and maintained by a volunteer community, offers official binary packages and a wide range of unofficial user-submitted source packages. Packages are usually defined by a single PKGBUILD text file.Manjaro Linux, a derivative of Arch Linux that includes a graphical installer and other ease-of-use features for less experienced Linux users. Fedora Linux, a community distribution sponsored by American company Red Hat and the successor to the company’s previous offering, Red Hat Linux.

System Administration Tasks To Automate

The hands-on experience includes configuring, supporting, and monitoring servers that run the Linux Operating System. This requires reliable, scalable, and performance-driven architecture and operating system. Linux is a popular choice for all IT workloads and deployments–traditional and innovative. Red Hat curates, secures, and supports a Linux distribution called Red Hat Enterprise Linux , used by organizations globally. RHEL supports and powers software and technologies for cloud, automation, containers, middleware, storage, application development, microservices, virtualization, management, and more. Repositories of rolling distributions usually contain very recent software releases—often the latest stable versions available. They have pseudo-releases and installation media that are simply snapshots of the distribution at the time of the installation image’s release.

Your Kali, always with you, without altering the host OS, plus allows you to benefit from hardware access. MobileA mobile penetration testing platform for Android devices, based on Kali Linux. Kali NetHunter consists of an NetHunter App, App Store, Kali Container, and KeX.

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